EUSO 2016 Estonia

The 14th EUSO was held in Estonia (Tartu) from 7th to 14th May, 2016.

The EUSO 2016 Photo Gallery can be found here!

EUSO 2016 Results as Image

End of EUSO 2016

The Closing Ceremony is over, and you’ve all had an excellent dinner and partied till sundown. This means that the EUSO for this year is complete.

You all have participated in interesting and challenging experiments, improved your knowledge in the natural sciences and, of course, made friends across the continent of Europe. You’ve heard it from Dr Cotter already, but these are things that the EUSO stands for and what we hoped to achieve with this event.

We hope you enjoyed the experiments and exercises, the excursions to sights across all of Estonia and have found this week to be a fun, yet scientific experience. We also hope that each of you has something more than just the medals to take home – new friends and stories, experiences and knowledge.
Photos taken during the event can be accessed here.

EUSO Closing Ceremony Video Here!

Closing Ceremony

You may find the live stream of the Closing Ceremony of EUSO 2016 here! Make sure to be the first to know the results of EUSO!

Image Gallery

We have taken a lot of photos during events and would like to offer a large selection of the best photos for your viewing pleasure.

The photo gallery is available here, with the photos in chronological (oldest first) order. Further in the future, a more organized collection may be offered.

A selection of photos taken by UTTV during the Opening Ceremony can be seen here!

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony was recorded and you may find the recording here. (Live stream)

EUSO Day 4: Energy Day

The experiments in Energy Day contain an interesting exercise relating to racing a battery powered car, and in an unprecedented move this event is made available to the public! From 16:45 today, students performing the experiments at EUSO will get a chance to show their battery powered cars to the public in the

Chemicum lobby and everyone has a chance to watch them go!

So make sure you’re there to get an unprecedented look inside the EUSO and how young students explore scientific principles through interesting and advanced experiments!

EUSO Day 3: Excursion Day

On Day 3 of the EUSO, students went on excursions to their desired locations. You can see more in the image gallery.

EUSO Day 2: Milk Day

The experiments went well and grading and calculations for Experiment I are completed. I hope the students have had a thoroughly exciting day of scientific exercise and that they all managed to make their very own cheese!

Please find the moderation schedule HERE!

Karin Hellat
EUSO 2016 Director
+372 5090991